FMRS stands for Fatigue Monitoring and Response (FMR) Service, provided by Jalawave to help Fleet Managers (Customers) improve awareness and control in their fatigue management program. Currently most Fleet Managers are unaware of fatigue-related situation that is happening in their fleet during operation. FMRS helps to solve this problem.

Fatigue Sensor mounted on the Vehicle cabin continuously analyzes Driver's face. When the sensor detects any fatigue-related symptoms, it then generates audible alarm and send alert message to FMRC. The audible alarm will warn the driver and the alert message will be forwarded to the recipients by our FMRC through several channels.

Using traditional approach, most companies need to conduct their own R&D just to decide whether they need to invest in fatigue monitoring system or not. While the management doing this lenghty decision making, fleet operation will remain under fatigue-related risks that potentially costs money or even life. Jalawave FMRS is a different approach with some benefits.

Trial program is a special service we provide for Companies that never have fatigue-monitoring as part of their fatigue management program. We provide this as a service package. Compared to lenghty R&D process, this Trial Program is a low risk alternative to study the benefit of fatigue-monitoring effort for safety improvement in fleet operation.

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